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Stage Door Theater


Corner of 5th and College Street

Box Office: 704-379-1230


Light Rail Stop:

From the Lynx or bus stations, debark at CTC/Arena Station. Follow signs to Trade Street, cross College Street. Turn right onto College almost at Fifth for entrance.


  • Small performance space.
  • Also may be used as a large rehearsal studio, or for receptions.
  • Approximately 150-175 capacity.
  • ADA accessible.
  • Enter from College Street stage door.

The intimate Stage Door Theater is an entertainment hot spot on Charlotte’s North College Street. With its small and flexible layout, this Theater is the perfect location to get up close with the stars on stage! The theater is located on North College Street between Trade and Fifth Street (It’s part of the Bank of America Corporate Center footprint that also includes the Blumenthal Performing Arts and Founders Hall). Look for the Theater’s glass entry doors on North College Street near the Fifth Street end of the block.

Accessibility Services for Stage Door Theater:

Patrons needing assistance are advised to make advance reservations to ensure the best possible experience!

  • Assisted listening system for people with hearing impairments. Patrons may be asked to leave a photo ID with Front of House.

Wheelchair Accessible patrons will be escorted at the corner of 5th and Tryon to the Stage Door Theater by way of the Belk side door entrance on 5th Street. 


  • Doors to Theater open 30 minutes before show time. 
  • Lobby Opens: one hour before show
  • Box Office: 2 hours before the show (closes after intermission)
  • Late Seating: Depends on the show. 
    • Concerts: after 1st song
    • Broadway: after intro 

Exit and Entry Assistance:

  • There is a drop off point at each theater where a driver can drop off a patron needing assistance.  We provide an usher to be waiting for them and can assist with getting the patron into the theater in a wheelchair.  All locations are on this form.  We do have some wheelchairs we can provide simply for transporting the patron to and from the theater.  This service is also available post show.  The patron can let the usher who is helping them preshow that they will also need assistance afterwards and that will be arranged then. We ask that all areas on the form are filled out properly. These forms are given to our Front of House Managers day of show and that is the only thing they have to go off on for the patron.  Also this does not have to be filled out at the time of purchase, a patron can call back at any time and request this.


Bank of America Center Garage: 150 N. College St. Charlotte, NC 28202


  • N. College Street
  • E. 5th Street




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